Please check out my Résumé & Portfolio page to download my résumé and learn more about my technical skills.

A little about me...

I currently live in Iowa City, IA with my wife Emma and our two cats, Mulder and Scully.

We moved to Iowa in 2014 when I took a position at The University of Iowa as a Network Engineer and Emma was accepted into the PhD program for Religious Studies. Prior to moving to Iowa, we lived in Minnesota and in Seattle.

I started working in the tech industry after I graduated from college. I had a passion for networking (the computer kind, not the human kind) so for the next several years I worked for a variety of companies in the midwest and in Seattle, where I did everything from network security, to switching and routing, wireless and deploying network based applications (email servers, application servers, etc)

Then I caught the software bug and discovered the amazing things you can do with a few lines of code! My introduction to software development was making microcontrollers do stuff with a few lines of C code. I went on to teach myself different languages and realized that my background in infrastructure is very useful in the era of network-based applications.

After being introduced to AWS through a friend who was an early employee there, I was blown away by the potential of cloud computing. I proceeded to take all 3 AWS associate certifications in early 2017 because I am positive that strong expertise in cloud computing (and specifically AWS) will be crucial.

On a more personal level, I have several hobbies and interests.

I try to lead an active lifestyle by excercising daily. I discovered the magic of working out during the lunch hour a couple of years ago and it changed my life. It really energized the second half of my work day and helped me be more consistent with my training. I also like to run (I have done all events, from a 5k to a full marathon and everything in between), ride my bike (recently acquired a fat bike), play soccer (I play in a local league), and hike (we usually spend a few days hiking in Glacier National Park every summer). In the winter, I like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and riding my bike, although the winters in Iowa, unline Minnesota, do not offer much snow unfortunately.

I also like to read a lot. I try to be active in the local community by volunteering and getting involved. I love a good cup of coffee, and I really ejoy listening to public radio and good podcasts.

Feel free to contact me or connect with me using your preferred social media platform.

Thank you for reading!